Vision –  In my writing, I strongly advocate readers consider developing a vision. We need a vision <—> we need passion! A vision is strength with passion. Albert Camus said, “there is scarcely any passion without a struggle.”(1942) Passion is a willingness to put forth an effort. What is my vision? What do I aspire to?  What drives me, captivates me, and enthralls me? Vision is teleological (goals/aims) and entelechial (inner force/ drive). I view vision as pertaining to motivation (M-1) and meaning (M-2). Our vision is motivated by forward-looking visionary goals that have hope for a meaningful future; goals achieved by activating a drive to satisfy our needs. Vision has depths to future goals. A vision is a mesmerizing, passionate, and potentiating fervid force driving us forward. Victor Frankl said in order to survive the Nazis death camps, “it was those who held onto a vision of the future – whether it be a significant task before them, or a return to a loved one.” (1963)  A visionary is optimistic, aspirational, and relentlessly aims at fulfilling their goals. A vision should have a vision statement based on a worldview and philosophy that allows a  person to be dedicated to something bigger then just the Self. A vision statement is short, easily comprehended, and remembered. In my book, I state my personal vision, and I will assist the reader in developing and stating theirs.