Values –  In “Balanceology: The 4 M’s of motivation, meaning, measurement, mitiation,”  I propose we require values we can live by.  In my writing, I suggest the reader ask the questions, “What do I value?,” “What are my  principles?,” and “What are my beliefs?” I maintain our worldview, philosophy, vision, and mission all have to do with core values, principles, and beliefs. I state:  my values are connatural with  my worldview <—>  my worldview is connatural with my values. Values certainly concern ethics and morality. Values surely are about honor and honorable intentions and actions. Values ask the questions ——>  “What do I stand for?,” “What principles do I live by?,” and “What standards will I fight for?”  When I say, “I am the Architect of My Life,” it is a recognition I am the bearer of nonfudgeable and unwaffleable standards. Unfortunately, it appears that many of us go through life standardless.

Core values are the values we can live by. So let us ask,  “What are my core values?,” and, “What values will I avow, openly acknowledge, advocate for, defend, and positively act on?”  And, it is important to evaluate the principles we live by.  I portent that core beliefs should flow from our values and principles. I felt it appropriate to announce and state in the following box my core values, so any potential reader of my writing has beforehand knowledge and understanding of my values, principles,  and beliefs.  In my book, I will assist the reader in developing, defining, and stating what they maintain their core values, principles, and beliefs  should be.

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