Mission –  In my writing, I portend that we need a mission!  I ask, “When does my vision (passion) become my indefatigable mission (purpose)?” What is my mission? What is my purpose for living?  What will define my legacy? What is true for me? What quest will I tenaciously and rigorously catch-fire for and pursue?  In my book, I suggest our mission evolves from our worldview, personal philosophy, and vision. Our vision and mission justify our existence in our world. A mission has a point-of-purpose flowing from a visionary passion. A mission is operationalizing one’s visionary goals. A mission is an allegiance to one’s vision and makes inexorable attempts at the activation and a fulfilling of one’s vision. If vision is the forest (broad focus) than a mission is the trees (narrow focus), because a mission is a steadfast fervent dedication to fulfill the details of one’s vision. I view a mission as including the actions of measurement (M-3) and mitigation (M-4), that together focus on fulfilling one’s vision related to motivation (M-1) and meaning (M-2). Mission is implementing our life’s passion even when doubter’s say it can’t be done. A mission gives us a path and a direction to take.  I suggest that all of us are traveling along a broken road and during devolutionary times a mission statement can be a life-line, a bulwark, a vallation, an Ariadnes’ thread getting us back on track. During chaotic times a mission statement can be a Jacob’s Ladder to help us manage the fluidity of life’s descends and ascends. I recommend that it is a good idea to put one’s mission into words. A mission statement is basically a covenant or a self-binding agreement. A mission statement brings direction to our life by giving us a focus that is devoted to accomplishing our goals.  In my book I state my mission statement, and I will assist  those  readers seeking help in developing and stating theirs.