Bell-Balance Curve

The concept of a bell-curve plays a critical  role in the Theory of Balanceology.  I intensively researched and discovered a remarkable history of support for a bell-curve distribution and its various levels of continuity.  There are significant patterns and order in Nature. Human nature has its own patterns and order related to traits, features, characteristics, and behaviors. This theoretical paradigm suggests there exists  human patterns of order that can be evaluated along a bell-curve related to need attainment.  The measurement pillar (M-3) systematically measures and statistically analyzes different levels of need satisfaction through a self-completed Needs Review instrument.  The measuring of need attainment is plotted along a Bell-Balance Curve that designates 5 levels of balance:  ill-balance (B-1), unbalanced (B-2), basic-balance (B-3), well-balanced (B-4),  and supra-balance (B-5).  Balanceology the book laboriously defines and details the various levels of balance.

Chap 30 Bell Curve 2