Everyone of us is on an exploratory journey to find ourselves.  My journey intensely begin in my twenties when my life was out of balance.  I emotionally felt sad, angry, anxious, abandoned, and just lost as my childhood worldview came crumbling down. I have been on a self-searching experiential journey for many years and the Theory of Balanceology is my narrative of what I have experienced and learned along my journey.

I gradually organized a framework revolving around a new worldview that has a centric idea of balance.  Balance is a time-honored concept and my centerpiece argument predicated on the idea that a balance-centered life is fundamental. Balance is an engrained pattern in Nature and human nature, and is at the very heart of my theory. Nature always seeks balance.  The Theory of Balanceology is the study of how to acquire a balance-centered life based on embracing Nature, human nature, and our own nature.  I have the theories ancillary Big Idea and backbone as Balance Is Everything, that denotes a life-in-balance is a person living-in-balance.

“I am hanging in the balance of the reality of Man.  Like every sparrow falling. Like every grain of sand.”  (Dylan, 1981)