Adult-child Syndrome

Addictions of all kinds (i. e. drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, eating, sex, gambling, food, fideistic religion) are a weakness where the addict doesn’t have the viability or the vitality to face life. In fact:  addicts are having a battle with life. An a-motivational disorder includes a spiritual imbalance where one’s inner Self is incredibly damaged. Addiction is the opposite of spirituality. Rampant, mindless-endless, spineless-senseless addictions deplete the Self<—>Spirit. Addicts have a disturbance and a demoralization of their spirit. The Self becomes dispirited. A dispirited person is a scared person and their scaredside brings out their darkside. Carl Jung told the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous that alcoholics are trying to find their “spirit” in a bottle. Drugs and alcohol are a subtle, insidious, beguiling attack on the Self-Spirit. For the addictive personality the only purpose in life is a never-ending search for the next high. Little room exists for a personality of moderation in the life of a typical addict. In fact, I maintain that the addict’s personality whether manically up (smiling), or depressively low (crying) is still aimed at getting high. Long-term addictive use makes for a developmentally delayed adult-child syndrome that is a major impediment to meet needs (i. e. the addict has never grown up). And, parenthetically and paradoxically satisfying our inborn needs is the only hope to grow up and overcome the addiction. There is no other way!

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