A-Motivational Disorder

 I propose that chronic addiction is an a-motivational disorder. There exists in every addict a motivational need deficiency. Addiction affects the motivational part of our brain that drives us towards fulfilling inborn needs (M-1). Addicts take motivational needs and morph them into a-motivational wants (chasing the substance). Motivational deficiency is a motivational injury and impediment. It is one of learned helplessness, un/ill-healthy living, and un/ill-balance. Drugs and alcohol usage is an evisceration of healthy motivation and in its place is a-motivation. A-motivation is a de-motivational, anti-motivational, and a dispassionate response to life. The bottom line is, addicts are oblivious to satisfying basal, deeper, and higher needs. In place of satisfying inborn needs they have made the choice to focus on gratifying irresistible impulses. At some point there was a full-on and all-out complicity  to make this Faustian Bargain —> a bargain for a world of experiencing unnatural wants (drugs/alcohol) he/she is willing to give up experiencing natural needs. They have instigated a bargain setting them on a self-destructive life journey –—> a self-devolutionary path. A mushraker addict isn’t motivated to satisfy needs, because they are consumed by acquiring the behaviors aimed at gathering the substance that can gratify their addiction. Serious repercussions come with a Faustian Bargain —> unmet needs, a myriad of negative symptoms, a life lacking meaning in life (M-2), and ill/unbalance and ill/unhealthy living.  Chronic addiction amounts to a misspent and lost life.

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