Chemical Addiction

In this section I detail chemically addictive behaviors and the whirly, twirly, and nightmarish  strangeland existence of being captive to an external substance. A major zeitgeist of our time is relying on chemicals to cope with life. Self and cultural-devolution is happening right before our eyes. We have a mindless chemically addictive society. Addictive behaviors are colossal mindless and endless behaviors (act without thinking) to chemical constant temptation. It is an endless quagmire of corybantic behaviors of chasing the next high due to a subjugation to an external substance. Addiction is a chronic condition of psychological and biological cravings. It is an artificial lifestyle that is serial, unreal, robotic, and meandering. It is an er satz reality of going down the rabbit hole that cannabilizes one’s future. It is a peripatetic mushraking journey of the distraction of chasing chemical wants instead of innate needs. If an addict tells me their dreams, I can tell him/her the depths of their meandering (their addiction).

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