Suicidal Check-Out

Suicidal Check-Out is a terminal act of checking-out. I agree with eminent sociologist Emile Durkheims use of the term “egoistic suicide.” The term is in reference to a person’s ego becoming de-individualized, disenchanted, and estranged from society. Social isolation is a lack of interpersonal and social connections. The Belonging-Need is not being met. Durkheim felt psychosocial isolation is the main factor that causes people to end their life. Isolation correlates with ennui (purposelessness, emptiness, and boredom), meaninglessness, and hopelessness. Isolation can lead to self-injurious behaviors and suicidality. Lewis Presnall felt “it is true that life is never without hope, but the fact remains that in real life some situations are more hopeless than others.”(1959) It appears some lives have become so irremediably messed up and beyond repair because the hole has been dug so deep that it is impossible to dig out of it. The person has been on a descending embroglio film noir spiral of abject despair, despondency, and hopelessness  from which he/she can find no escape. The person can’t move on in life. The consequences of past actions and poor choices have led to inextirpable pain, inescapable despair, and insurmountable odds. The Rubicon has been crossed and the person has reached the precipice and a PONR (point-of-no-return). Pandora’s Box has opened up and the devolutionary conflagrations and calamities of life (I maintain mostly self-imposed) are so severe, and the damage is so great that the person views suicide as their only option and decides to cash-out of life.

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