Emotional Check-Out

Emotional Check-Out is a coping mechanism for a chronically dissatisfied life of ennui. An emotional check-out is a Limbic Brain check-out. The individual doesn’t have the ability to accept, express, understand, or adequately label an emotion —> attach an accurate feeling to the emotion. The person doesn’t have the capability to be emotionally honest. The individual keeps the energy of negative emotions inside of the Self. A person who is chronically dissatisfied lives an un/ill-healthy life of neurosis, compounded anxiety, depression, addictions of all kinds, and always low self-evaluation. Until the deeply rooted emotional hurt subsides by confirming and confronting it, the emotional pain will continue. Emotional checking-out involves an effeteness, depletion, and exhaustion that often devolves into learned helplessness. Learned helplessness tragically amounts to having lost the self-confidence to face life. The loss of self-confidence is an impediment for a person of low self-esteem, and keeps him/her on an emotional self-devolutionary path of hopelessness. In a later post, I will discuss the Repression Option as one means of interacting with life —> an emotional shutdown check-out option.

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