Surreal Check-Out

Surreal check-out is a life of unreality, nondirection, and distortion. Surreal checking-out is a fictive time of reality distortion. As human beings we are already born with a solipsistic reality —> living a reality of self-focus. Dissatisfaction and ennui add to this self-focus and can further distance us from the real world. Surreal living is one of er satz reality (artificial). Artificial reality is illusive living that can easily morph into a norm for/of living. Surreal living can follow a fantasy worldview aimed at cravings, wishes, and unrealistic dreaming because of the inability to satisfy needs in the real world. In surreal living life is on autopilot and automatic drive. In the introduction to Everett Shostrom’s book, Fritz Perls said that “modern man is dead, a puppet  . . . he is deliberate and without emotions – a marionette.” (1968) Erich Fromm felt,”the paradoxical situation with a vast number of people today is that they are ½ asleep when awake, and ½ awake when asleep, or when they want to sleep.” (1956) Deikman also views modern man as ½ asleep, and consumed with unrealized dreams and wishes. (1983) Doesn’t it appear that many of us consciously or unconsciously have surrealistically checked-out of life? In a later post, I will discuss the Pollyannaish Option as one manner some people live their life —> a surreal “feel good” check-out option.

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