Telomeres are nucleotide special base hardy end caps on every chromosome. Telomeres protect chromosomes. Chromosomes have genetic material packaged as DNA. Telomeres protect DNA against mental and physical deterioration. Short telomeres are an indication of degradation of a chromosomal cap. Telomeres involve stress: 1.) Stress can ignite telomere cap deterioration. Stress has something to do with gene CYP17.  The CYP17  gene is on chromosome 10,  and  has an  enzyme that converts cholesterol into cortisol. Stress that is pan-environmentally enduced involves cortisol.  Chronic  long-term stress  can involve  cortisol that wears  down  telomeres. Chronic stress is symptomatic of ongoing inner emotional and  psychological struggles.  Age can wear down telomeres. Research  indicates stress  enduced telomere  cap  shortening can contribute  to diseases such as alzheimers, cancer,  heart problems, aging skin, impaired  immunological functioning, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis,and 2.)  Telomerase is an enzyme that can elongate telomeres. The enzyme telomerase adds back DNA to telomere cap damage. Significantly, there are certain activities that can actually increase the enzyme telomerase and help avoid telomere cap degradation. Importantly, there are certain activities that can genuinely add back telomere to the damaged caps, and improve overall telomere maintenance. Activities that protect telomeres from long-term stress include —> having a balanced diet, having a clear purpose for living, participate in physical exercise, include mental exercises of all kinds, partake in relaxation exercises that decompress stress, and maintain consistent regular patterns. Also, consuming fish oil,  certain hormone replacements, and certain auto-oxidants and anti-septics may have beneficial effects that delay telomere shortening. I suggest that many of these activities involve epigenetic activation.  


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