Stressors pertain to pan-environmental triggers requiring a response —> stress comes from stressors. Stressors can take two forms: 1.) distress involves those destabilization stressors that are detrimental, injurious, and deleterious (eg. fired at work), or 2.) eustress are those innocuous, anodyne, even beneficial stressors (eg. promoted at work). Whether negative or positive, stressors consume energy. Whether it is distress or eustress there can be wear-and-tear on our mind-and-body. Stress is an excellent example of how our mind and bodies are inseparable. Stress interacts in a mind-body manner emotionally, psychologically, behaviorally and medically. In later posts, I review the clinical data related to mind-body symptoms. Certain stressors concern long-term stress (eg. a serious medical condition), and others pertain to short-term stress (eg. giving a speech). An interesting side note —> there are various instruments designed to measure levels of stress over a certain time period (eg. Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory).

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