Stress exists by the mere fact of living and is a factor for all of us. I understand the tremendous amount of stress that is a byproduct of living in modern societies. And, today with coronavirus, many people unemployed,  and racial tension, there is an almost unmanageable amount of stress. Stress is from the Latin stringere and means to “draw tight.” Sometimes  my day-to-day, churn-and-burn pressures can cause me to instinctually draw within myself. Part of this instinctive reaction is related to our survival instinct. That is, day-to-day stressfulness is connected to how we survive and manage the fluidity of lives unending and exhausting daily tasks, family issues, interpersonal problems, work, school, health, finances, and threats. However, and remarkably stress is also related to how we handle and manage our opportunities and successes. Stress involves our ability to direct lives evolutionary and devolutionary conditions. Stress includes our reactions to both milieu interior and milieu exterior pan-environmental events and happenings.

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