Emptiness is a life of ennui, and is one gauge to measure the degree of meaning, balance, and health in our life. Buddha’s concept of sunyata = emptiness. Emptiness is related to a life that is not grasping Nature, human nature, or one’s own nature. McGrath contended, “there is an emptiness within human nature, which cries out for fulfillment and meaning, yet nothing created and transient seems to meet this need.” (2002) Emptiness is a key existential symptom. Emptiness is the experience of one’s existence as not being fulfilled and where a void exists. It is a life of dispassionate living because one’s needs are not being satisfied. Without need fulfillment a sort of lethargic nihilism (nothingness) sets in. A nothingness of excessive, frivolous, and facetious wanting. Emptiness is going through life recklessly and carelessly. Achtner et. al. maintained, “consciously or unconsciously, it seems that modern uprooted human beings on average have been following a lifestyle from Faust. They are subject to the ambivalence of empty activism and exhausted lethargy.” (2002) Carl Jung suggested that a societal collective emptiness amounts to a culture “composed of de-individualized persons.” (1957) I ask, “Is a society of collective emptiness a kind of disengaged dystopian society?” 

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