Purposelessness is a life without goals, direction, and meaning (Balanceology’s # M-2 pillar).At some point we all ask, “Is there a purpose to my life?,” ”Is there a point to my life?,” and “Is this it?” Having no firm sense of purpose will increase a person’s sense of reclusiveness, isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. In future posts, I discuss in detail the concepts of vision (passion) and mission (purpose). To live a life without purpose is not living ––> a life without purpose is not sustainable. Purposelessness is going through life nonchalantly, apathetically, and lackadaisically. It is whimsically and waggishly interacting with life. Life for many is an endless parade to capture material possessions with a purpose to show-and-tell what they acquired. I ask, “Why is there so much depression and anxiety in the modern industrialized world?” The answer always comes back to a life that is out of touch with the natural world, with one’s needs, and lacks a firm sense of direction. It is a life of disruption, purposelessness, and meaninglessness. For Gordon, “without a sense of purpose life doesn’t seem very exciting or meaningful.” (1985)

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