Ennui  is a concept I view as being reflective of a life of the homme moyen —> the average, ordinary, nominal, and mediocre. Homme moyen is associated with the normality of the parochial, small-minded, and the insularity of aloneness. It captures the very essence and condition of the average person. If not careful, the ordinary person can live an ennui life of dissatisfaction, and one of isolation, angst, listlessness, anomie, desolation, despondency, and low energy. It can involve a disillusionment, desperation, and despair juggernaut of self-devolution. It is the effete cave living of the common person who has lost sight of him/herself in a bewildering maze of illusionary living in- stead of real living (In later posts, I discuss Plato’s Cave). It is like sleep-walking through life. Ennui is living without a worldview, vision (passion) or mission (purpose), and has become dispirited, demoralized, and futile. “Futility of futility, all is futility.”(Ecclesiastes, 12: 8) In my mid-twenties, I had lost my way and my life was hanging in the balance. It was a time I lacked real meaning in my life, and unquestionably it was a meltdown period of dislocation and being dissatisfied, discouraged, and disheartened. A life of ennui is inextricably linked to purposeless, emptiness, and boredom (discussed in posts to follow.

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