Dukkha is a concept I view as being related to dissatisfaction and it can be translated as suffering. According to Buddha, the cause of human suffering is craving. Buddha said trishna (craving-wanting) only ends up equaling dukkha (suffering-pain). We have these endless cravings of getting more, having more, possessing more. The Dalai Lama, felt “the very basis of seeking more is a feeling of not having enough, a feeling of discontent.” (1998) There is pain in continuous craving. Bercholz and Kohn refer to our “never-satisfied search for satisfaction.” (1993) A huge part of our dissatisfaction is a maelstrom and a never-ending search for unlimited wants. In this search for wants, a focus of satisfying innate motivational needs is distracted. Learned wants become the focus instead of fulfilling and experiencing innate needs. A toxic wanting for wealth, material items, power, fame, fun, sex, food, and drugs can overwhelm satisfying needs. I guarantee that excessive wanting makes for unhealthy living and upsets life’s balance. Insatiable wanting ultimately leads to a life of discontentment.

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