Dissatisfaction is a major cause for knocking us out of balance and health. In my opinion, even at the basic-balance level of health (H-3 of normality) most people are dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction is a key characterological feature of human nature, thus making it a key feature in trying to understand ourselves. No other creature in the Animal Kingdom has this struggle with dissatisfaction. Humans are often discontent and malcontent and are constantly seeking more. We are rarely at a satisfaction quiescence. As we bring fulfillment to one desire, another one quickly pops-up to take its place. There is no satisfying human beings. There is never enough for us. We appear to be on an eternal quest of wanting more, more, and more. I suggest dissatisfaction is frequently a wag the dog of chasing after wants that only divert our attention away from satisfying our inherent needs.


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