Ill-Health Correlates

Ill-health is associated with: 1.) genetics – there are people who are born with a pre-existing propensity to inherit unhealthy conditions (eg. psychosis, mental retardation, severe physical disabilities, etc), 2.) trauma – early childhood pain can be so severe that there is significant Limbic system damage. In some cases the hurt, pain, and injury has happened before language has developed (pre-verbal and pre-cognitive) and the person can’t put into words, or define what has happened. The fallout from early damage has so decimated the child that it has made for an unstable and shaky developmental foundation for healthy adult functioning, 3.) co-morbidity – some individuals have a co-existence of more than one issue (eg. concurrent mental illness, PTSD, PTSS, or a physical disability) that makes the burden of living overwhelming, and/or 4.) other abnormal conditions possibility related to ill-balance are extreme poverty, unsafe environmental conditions, inhibiting personality disorders, developmental delays/handicaps, addictively disturbed, and sociopathologically disturbed.

Bell Balance Curve

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