Ill-Health (H-1)

Ill-health (H-1) correlates with ill-balance (B-1) and pertains to innate needs are two standard deviations below central tendency and there are overwhelming negative symptoms. Ill-health are central tendency outlier individuals making up 2% of a population at any given time. There is frequently a fluidity between basic-health (H-3) and being unhealthy (H-2). Individuals who devolve from basic-health to an unhealthy level often regenerate and start Feeling Better and return to normal health. However, ill-health is a more pervasive longer-lasting time of instability and ill-balance. Ill-healthy individuals are significantly not meeting needs, are seriously disturbed, and are deeply broken. It is a devolutionary frenetic time of immense deprivation and insensibility. It is a time of brain inertia, inactivity, lethargy, dormancy, and maybe a brain-meltdown (the brain is tired). The person is ill-prepared to satisfy basal needs, and is at a level of micro balance (minimum balance). Some people have never been able to meet even their most basal survival needs of safety/security —> food, clothes, housing, physical safety, and medical care.

For some individuals it is a time period of ill-health in their life before returning to unhealthy or even basic-health living. However, for many individuals it is a chronic incapacitation. Let’s face it, life isn’t fair! Some individuals have a disproportionate number of events in their life that are tumultuous, vexatious, and troubling. Sadly, many people are irrevocably and irreparably damaged. Some individuals have ineffective habituation behaviors that have become chronic systemic deficiencies. Ineffective skills are the person’s “natural” coping skills. Consequently, ill-health individuals have a severe disturbance in meeting basal Self and Belonging-Needs. Ill-health individuals have not developed a mitigational skill prowess to manage life in order to satisfy needs.

Bell Balance Curve

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