Unhealthy (H-2)

Unhealthy (H-2) correlates with unbalance (B-2), and pertains to innate needs being met at one standard deviation below central tendency. Unhealthy individuals make up 14% of the Bell-Health Curve. Unhealthy times are those dystopian conditions of need dissatisfaction. Basal Self and Belonging-Needs are not being met. It is a turbulent devolutionary time when needs are unexperienced. Self-devolutionary times are dark  moments of life containing insurmountable odds and life is unraveling. They are implosive periods of dysfunctionality, destabilization, and deprivation. They are  jeopardy times of dismal performance, degeneration, and discord. I contend that self-devolution is related to recidivism that involves falling back, backsliding, relapsing, or a reversion to a former state.

Unhealthy is associated with: 1.) loss something of significance (eg. job) or someone (eg. death of spouse) that brings a lugubrious time –> irritrievable losses are scary, 2.) stressors are conditions that are dire, grim, and depressing. Each life has tumultuous high-stake crises, tribulations, altercations, and devastating events. Stress is a de- polarization that enervates, weakens, and de-energizes, 3.) change is unpredictable events in life. Life is fluid and brings precipitous changes and the fear of the unknown, 4.) self-harm is related to doing  counterproductive things to oneself. Humans are drawn to drama, trauma, and intensity. Life can bring out the best or the worst in us. I portend that the majority of devolutionary times are self-imposed wounds from making poor choices. Basic health is easily disrupted and dissipated due to unwise ungovernable moments of imprudence and making foolish decisions, 5.) vision or mission – I assert that unhealthy conditions come if we don’t have goals or a direction in life, and 6.) trauma – is a  life burdened with unwanted past and/or current abuse, hurt, and pain.

To elaborate on point six (trauma). There are individuals who have experienced  heartbreaking tragedies related to abuse and neglect. Each life has remnants of past hurt, but the more childhood destruction and deprivation, the more a life is derailed. Early trauma can lead to a PTSD neuronal brain replay and traumatic re-enactment of hurtful events for a lifetime. Echoes of the ghosts from past abuse emanate from an echo chamber that continues to amplify if the abuse is not confirmed (yes it did happen) and confronted (facing and unpacking) so a repair of the damage can bring stability. If not repaired it becomes chronic (ill-health) and remains a deep buried secret. The person continues to roil-and-rile inside and pervasive inconsolable grief will surface in some emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and/or medical manner. The pain becomes an impediment to satisfactorily meet needs.


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