Need Deficiency

William Glasser asked, “What is wrong with those who need psychiatric treatment? The answer is that they have not been satisfying their needs.” (1975) Being out of balance and health is the hurt and pain when our needs are deprived. There is a significant correlation between balanced mental health and meeting needs. Need inattainment (need-deficiency) only leads to imbalance. From a psychoanalytical view a “wound of need” constitutes human frustration. Sigmund Freud felt frustration amounts to needs not being met. Erich Fromm said that being out of balance and health amounts to “the false separation of man and nature.” (1976) I denote that to meet needs is having a healthy balance with our nature, and to not meet needs amounts to un/ill-healthy balance. I have designated five levels of health: ill-health (H-1), unhealthy (H-2), basic-health (H-3), well-health (H-4), and supra-health (H-5). In posts to come I will detail the five levels of health.


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