Un/Ill Health

The immediate posts to come entertain aspects of the Balancetherapy Treatment Model (BTM). In these posts, I focus on people who are not meeting their needs, lack meaning in life, life has become derailed, are out of balance, and the person is going though times of un/ill-health. I will make a case that the level of balance in our life is substantially and concurrently correlated with inherent need satisfaction in our life. I dictate what I have discovered about individuals who are emotionally, psychologically, behaviorally, and medically unwell. These posts set the stage for posts  to follow related to measurement, the building of a treatment plan, and therapy interventions and methods. Quantitative and qualitative measurement is required in order to establish the level of needs and balance so a therapeutic action plan can be developed.  The Theory of Balanceology is a nature-based model that allows for the collection and tabulation of mathematical data that decisively indicates the degree a person’s natural needs are being met, and their levels of meaning, balance, and health.

I have asked questions like, “What is wrong with a person who is going through a devolutionary time in life?,” “What is amiss with a person who is having debilitating personal and interpersonal issues?,” “What is askew with a person who is having maladaptive behavioral and/or mental health symptoms?,” and, “What is out of line with an individual who is not productively functioning in life?” The answer for all of these questions always comes back to the person is not adequately experiencing and satisfying genomic needs. Un/Ill Health ==  Experience of innate needs are unexperienced. I know when I am not experiencing and having at least some satisfaction in meeting my needs my life has a paucity of meaning, is thrown out of balance, and this often spills over into having mind-body health issues.

Heathy vs no healthy

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