New Age Theorizing

There have been significant New Age speculations related to Quantum Physics, consciousness, and reality. I suggest that if a person reads New Age material it is wise to be skeptical by analyzing and questioning some of its more speculative writings. New Age theorizing can become a claptrap pseudoscience that has a kind of kookiness to it. I am skeptical, and I denounce such foolishness as the concept of a Parallel Universe that is inconceivably being entertained and endorsed by certain scientists from MIT and Harvard University. Some of this theorizing can become a mix of something that is somewhat believable but is taken into unbelievable directions.

Quantum flapdoodles is taking Quantum Physics towards the non-supportive and into mystical directions. It takes Quantum Physics and factually distorts it. Unfortunately, it is often about making unusual claims that will get people to buy books. Consciousness can also be distorted by New Age theorizing. For New Age theorists consciousness can become the basis for everything. New Age speculative writings often have human consciousness bringing the physical into existence.

new age theorizing


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