Theory of Everything (TOE)

Theory of Everything (TOE) are those attempts to discover a unified model of reality. TOE models endeavor to find a single source, pattern, or law to universally describe Nature. TOE’s are those elusive attempts to find Nature’s irreducible substance. TOE includes finding a comprehensive scientific model aimed at uniting the four Universal forces: 1.) gravitational force of attraction, 2.) electromagnetic force of electronically charged particles, 3.) the weak nuclear force of radioactivity, and 4.) a strong nuclear binding force. Such a model concerns discovering an ultimate substance unifying energy-matter and space-time. A truthful and trustworthy TOE must scientifically answer how the micro and the macro interact with gravity. Not only scientists but mathematicians, philosophers, theologians, and “seers” have made attempts to develop a connected and unified model of our world. Up to now, that unity model has not been discovered. What follows are brief descriptions of complex proposed TOE Models: 1.) Superstring Theory tries to combine general relativity and quantum physics. “The possibility that gravity links the largest and smallest sizes thereby unifies the universe.” (Primack and Abrams, 2006). String theory involves tiny strings that vibrate and in the process create matter. 2.) Energetics concerns a world of energy-matter. Is it the flow of energy that brings about universal unity? It asks the question, “Does unity come from the vibrations of energy?” 3.)  Hagelian Toe – physicist  John Hagel  says  life  is the great unifier. For him, it is life that is interconnective and interdependent. 4.) Biocentrism also denotes life as the great unifier. Biocentrism is the biological TOE of Robert Lanza. (2009) For biocentrism, life creates the Universe instead of the Universe creating life —> biogenesis over geogenesis (biology over physics). Biocentrism gives us an entirely new view of life, time, space, death, and even consciousness. Biocentrism is about life, but it is also about consciousness. Biocentrism advocates that it is our consciousness that creates reality. Biocentrism basically says that you are your consciousness. 5.) Higgs particle is a search for the “God particle.” Peter Higgs started a search for that fundamental pattern in which our Universe works —> a particle that gives everything mass. 6.) Oneism is a concept coming from Wayne Hershel. He argues for a unifying Cosmic Tree of Life; a tree that goes back to the Big Bang. For Hershel, there is one life force —> a spiritual collective energy (oneism) that encompasses the Cosmos. 7.) Edgar Cayce – American psychic also saw a oneness that weaved all humanity together. A oneness of force, a oneness of energy, and a oneness of time-space. Cayce saw this oneness as having a collective purpose for humanity. 8.) Theory of a Fine Tuned Universe tries to combine a creation of the Universe that involves both science and God. That is, God may have created the Universe, but the details are left up to Nature. It is Nature that manufactures the 4 constants of gravity, electromagnetism, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force. This theory is related to Deism. 9.) Balanceology Toe is a view that focuses on experiencing the truths and Truth of Nature. It advocates to discover any Ultimate Truth of Nature’s unifying pattern, order, force, energy. I maintain that in trying to define and experience Nature’s all unifying source, pattern, order, force, and/or energy we are getting closer to experiencing and defining the truthfulness of a TOE —> Ultimate Truth Endpoint.

theory of everything

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