Transcendence: Unified Theories

Our Universe adheres to a course that is fluid, cyclical, oscillating, dualistic and has patterns and order containing significant homeostasis balancing forces that maintain equilibrium. Our Universe incorporates strong Nature driven unifying forces. Unity is a pattern of order that maintains a force of continuity and of coming together. Unity is that force that gravitates towards balance. Unifying patterns are indicative that the telescopic (billions and billions of Stars) and the microscopic (billions and trillions of particle-waves) have huge unitive components.Various theorists have tried to explain these unifying forces. Eleatics is a philosophical tradition founded by Zeno of Elea saying there must be one indivisible, unchanging, unifying reality. Over the last 400 years, the concentration in the West has been on a Classical Physics reductionist view of that reality. However, with the advent of Quantum Physics consideration is given to another model that might unify reality. That is, attempting to discover a  model that unifies the micro and  the macro. A unifying model that will transcend the dualism of the micro world and the macro world. This model, by definition is one of universality and consilience —-> a coming together of the different views of reality. The search for a universal model of the Universe is a goal of science, and has generated many theories (examples given in a post to come).

zeno of elea

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