Cosmos Cyclicity

We are all part of a very long Cosmic naturalistic evolutionary cycling process of countless ephemeral transitions, transformations, and transcendental happenings. There has been a continuous recylcing existence since the Big Bang. All of us are intimately involved in this balancing cycle of Cosmic energy that is transported and transferred. Ralph Weadell says human beings are “flow patterns.” (2002) Maybe he was thinking of the Sanskrit concept of samsara, or continuous flow when he referred to flow patterns. Our bodies are flow patterns encapsulated within this evolving Universe. For Brockman, the “realization that time may well be endless leads us to a new view of the human species – as not being in any sense the culmination but perhaps a fairly early stage of the process of evolution.” (2003) All of us are Cosmic creatures having the entirety of the elements of the Cosmos within us, and each one of us is tied into this Cosmic recycling eternal journey. It is the destiny of all of us to jump onboard a continuous circulating voyage where some aspect of each of us will forever be traveling throughout the Cosmos.


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