Green Death

With the knowledge of the Circle of Life, and its recycling component why do we have coffins that are put into vaults hermetically sealed from dirt, water, and air? Why are we put into the dark dungy ground and into vaults advertised to last for thousands of years? Why do we have funerals costing $8,000-12,000?  Is it because of our great fear of death? Are expensive funerals a way to honor the dead, or are funerals mainly to comfort, placate, and assuage the living? Is a better idea is to be buried in a pine box or to be cremated? My choice will be cremation. In keeping within the confines of my introverted personality I will have the scattering of my ashes interred in Nature’s Cathedral great outdoors and held in a private ceremony.  Sidenote: during the process of cremation the organic carbon-based elements and bodily fluids escape through the crematory exhaust system and go into the atmosphere and into the Cosmos. What is left after cremation are ashes composed of pulverized bone fragments.

A green death allows our bodies atoms to be recycled in a respectable time frame and to again become part of dirt, water and air. A green death is the quickest manner in which our atoms can rearrange themselves in the Cosmos. It grants the Self<–>Spirit to once again become part of plants, animals, and future human beings. A green death is natural burial ––> an interment of an unbroken ceaseless recycling in Nature’s all-encompassing cemetery. Tibetan Buddhism gives an example of green death. The Tibetan Book of the Dead details how the body is to be treated after death. The dead body is wrapped up in a fetal position and put out in the open as food to be eaten by vultures, thus allowing the body to live on in other forms of life. And, for seven weeks after death the spirit of the dead person is prayed for so that through reincarnation it finds its way back to Earth.

green death

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