The Journey of Life

All of life originated in primordial waters 3,700,000,000 bya, and has been circling back on itself ever since. All of our ancestors were part of this long historical abiogenesis circling process and at birth we take our turn. I am now on my circumnavigational life journey. We take our place in the great Circle of Life, and contribute to it for good or ill. Who among us can say with a pure heart that in my turn, “I did more good deeds than bad?” How do  we answer, “What is my legacy and what is my contribution to the circle?” How will our Epitaph to read? Who is able to say “I did not live or die in vain.” In each life everything comes full circle with a beginning, middle, and an end. Each unique life has a prologue (prequel) and an epilogue (sequel). Each life has a cyclical nature where history repeats itself. It is a good idea to be conscious of the happenings from the past, and those of now, for both are  windows into the repetitive nature of a future to come.  Life for each of us began in the fetal position, and if we are allowed to die naturally will end in the fetal position. I had a demonstration of the Circle of Life in my mid-twenties (the time of my existential crisis) when my sister and I was with my grandmother in her nineties and saw her die in the fetal position. Take Note: I postulate the manner in which we symptomatically live-our-life emotionally, psychologically, behaviorally, and physiologically will be the manner in which we symptomatically end-our-life.

lifes journey

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