Tail-eating Snake

Tail-eating snake is a  concept the Ancient Chinese, Ancient Egyptians, and the Ancient Greeks all referred to in some form.  In Greek the words for tail-eating snake are ourovoros ophis.  Broken  down it  means oura  (tail), vora (eating),  and ophis  (snake).  It is a  pictorial demonstration of a snake devouring its own tail  and its entire self. In the process of consuming  itself the snake lives on. Tail-eating snake is really a metaphor for  the eternal circle of creation. It has become a symbol for eternity,  cyclicity,  and the circle of life. It can also represent an ongoing cycle of  birth-life-death-rebirth.  It is an image that once I have it in my head it is difficult to erase.

tail eating snake

One thought on “Tail-eating Snake

  1. The brain is actually who we are. The ‘I’ or ‘I AM’ really is the brain thinking the body is also included, and if we could disassociate it from our thoughts of who we are, we would all be further ahead in life. However the brain is alive and generates its own electrical system. When it dies, This is the clinical definition of death. If only the brain could live on we would move from the physical to the mental and be able to ‘see’ one another for who we really are, and who we are then would be more true as we drop the encumbrance and distractions we allow the physical to give us. Without a brain, a body on life support is merely and organ and tissue farm.


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