Transcendence: Circle of Life

The Circle of Life is a major part of cyclicity. The Circle of Life is the cyclic nature of time. All of life has endless balancing cycles that circles back on itself as birth-life-death-rebirth. The Circle of Life is a lucrative balance wheel that keeps spinning around and coming around like the Lakota Wheel. There is a timeless-endless circling process of abiogenesis. There is drama in this perpetual and circular time-line of life and death. We are part of this time-line where our body dies and our body decays. The energy-matter of our decomposed body migrates into dirt, water, air and eventually ends up in other living and nonliving existence. New life from dirt is formed and it becomes dependent on air, water, and food. We can only live 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. At death our bodies atoms go in billions of different directions into dirt, water, and air. When I breathe a morsel of air the atoms of billions of previous creatures is inhaled –> a human breath contains billions of atoms. In my last breath on Earth I will inhale atoms that were once inhaled by Confucius, Jesus, Julius Caesar, Mohammed, Abraham, and Buddha. When I drink a glass of water, the atoms of billions of previous creatures is swallowed. When I eat a spoon of food the atoms of billions of past creatures is consumed. I drink, I breathe, and I eat the very same atoms of the Ancient Chinese, Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and all living creatures that preceded me. The Circle of life is a verification and a validation that although changes in life are inevitable, the Laws of Nature’s never-ending underlying naturalistic foundational patterns, order, and balance remain intact and allow life’s journey to circle back on itself.

circle of life

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