Transgenerational Consciousness

In previous posts, I gave attention to the possibility of some sort of continuation of consciousness for humans after we die.  I am suspicious of that supposition, but I addressed it to be fair to those who believe in it. What I highly endorse is the theory of having a transgenerational continuation of consciousness. Transgenerational continuation is the idea that each human who has ever existed has made her/his small contribution to the human species gene pool. This continuation at death is a bequeathing of each person’s ontogeny to the collective species genome. That is, each one of us will continue on and contribute to human nature. A major point of the Theory of Balanceology is an intense belief and a resolute endorsement that there is a transgenerational consciousness, a human species historical brain, that gains experiences and knowledge from all humans who have ever lived. I highly sanction the idea that each one of us makes our small contribution to this transgenerational gene pool when it is our time to crossthe-river, and it is our time to give-up-the-ghost. The energy-matter of our make-up will contribute to the transgenerational human genome and will perpetually continue its voyage in the Cosmos. I vigorously maintain that when we die our existence will not have a complete black-out, because we will live on in the sense of our bodies atoms spin-off and scatter terrestrially and celestially and become part of other animate creatures and inanimate objects. And, hopefully we will continue in some fashion in the minds of those we have known and loved —> keeping in mind that remembrance only lasts as long as they live.

transgenerational consciousness

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