Consciousness and Afterlife

Physicist John Eccles cautioned scientists to be receptive to some form of consciousness after death (1991) New Age theorists often go overboard when it comes to quantum physics and its involvement with consciousness. However, do New Age proponents have a point that there is some energy-matter transition, transformation, or transcendence that continues after death? Is there a transcendence of brain matter in its transitions, transforms, and entanglements with energy? We know that energy-matter cannot be created or destroyed and only transformed. At the quantum level of existence is there an energy-matter basis for an ongoing conscious existence? At the quantum level of existence is there a basis for an ongoing conscious existence related to a bilocation of particle-waves being at two different places at the same time? Is particle-wave bilocation similar to Shedrake’s perceptual code hypothesis (previous post? Famous physicist David Bohm stated, “that which is truly alive in the living being is this energy of spirit, and this is never born and never dies.” (1997)

Raymond Moody (1975) maintained that there must be a continuation of the Self after death. Moody felt that if we are troubled in this life we will be troubled in the next. However, if we are content in this life he said we will be content in the life to come. Buddhism refers to karma, and if something doesn’t catch up with us in this life karma will get us after reincarnation. If there is a sense of the Self and a consciousness that continues after biological death, can there be a continuation (the ability) to learn, grow, change after biological death? If all the learning one gathers in a lifetime is not lost, but in fact can be added to and expanded on after the physical body has died what an exciting proposition that will be. Viorst suggests that, “our dying may sometimes provide a new opportunity, that may sometimes permit-yes-growth and change, that dying may precipitate a further stage of emotional development that until now had been beyond our capacities.” (1968)

consciousness and afterlife

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