Consciousness and death

A key question for me has always been, “Is there consciousness after death?” Are we conscious, have awareness, have the ability to comprehend, and the capacity to acquire new knowledge after the biological body has died? Will we be conscious of a Universe of energy-matter and space-time? Do we have a self-consciousness (a sense of Self<–>Spirit) after the physical body has died? Will we have perceptual and apperceptual experiences after the body has died? I have to ask, “How can human consciousness exist outside of an organic and neurological brain?” How is that possible?  It is difficult for me to understand how an abiotic consciousness can exist after the death of an organic brain.  I ask, “Can there be redivivus, a renascence, or a restoration of the brain in some altered state or form after the body has died?”

Altered State of Consciousness is a suggested way consciousness can transition, transform, and transcend our organic biological makeup. Cousineau argues that, “something in the human self that survives bodily death. I don’t mean material components like atoms or minerals, but something that is continuous with our awareness.” (2003) I am skeptical here, yet I ask, “Is it worth keeping an open mind related to altered states of consciousness that may take some form after the body has died?” Rupert Shedrake (2003) lays out the hypothesis where the mind may extend beyond the brain. For him, the mind may inhabit some kind of perceptual code where it can be at two places at the same time, and where the mind somehow ties in with the intuitive subconscious world. I am cautious of this code, yet I ask, “Is there anything to Shedrake’s perceptual code hypothesis?”

consciousness and death

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