Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences (NDE) are where the physical body appears to have died, but then shows signs of life. During the time of “death” people report certain things happening. There have been reported 15 separate types of experiences during a NDE. The NDE person may go down a dark tunnel, see a bright light, have an outer body experience, etc. Feelings of calmness and serenity were reported. Moody pointed out, “there is a remarkable agreement in the ‘lessons’ as it where, which have been brought back from those close encounters with death. Almost everyone has stressed the importance in this life to cultivate love for others, a love of a unique and profound kind.” (1975) I am dubious about NDE, for I require more than metaphorical, rhetorical, or anecdotal evidence for such experiences. I agree with Carl Sagan who spoke of both NDE and life after death by saying, “if some good evidence for life after death were announced, I’d be eager to examine it:  but it would have to be real scientific data, not mere anecdote.”

near death experiences

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