Transcendence: Eternity

Eternity is about infinite time; a time of perpetuity with no-beginning and no-end. Valid questions I ask are, “What happens when we enter that eternal night?,” and “What makes up the great hereafter?” Many religions have a dogma that proclaims an Afterlife that is eternal —> a timeless state after death. I ask, “Is there an Afterlife, an Eternity that is infinite, changeless, and endless?” The very subject of a timeless-and-endless Eternity is a scary proposition for me. Just thinking of an Eternity (endless) based on pure numbers is incomprehensible for me. An Eternity of 1,000 years, 10,000 years, 100,000 years, a million years, a billion years, a trillion years, is really no time, not even the beginning of endless time. An Eternity of never-ending timelessness and endlessness defies reasoning. In order to make any sense of a time factor related to Eternity, I need a different definition of Eternity. Is there an Eternity that includes cyclicity or a universality of change that includes the longitudinal Law of Conservation? Maybe Eternity can be viewed as some form of Eternal Return that entails Natures repeating itself. Question: “If the astrophysicists are right and our Universe does end someday by a Big Crunch, Big Rip, or Big Freeze what does that mean for an Eternity that is supposed to last forever?”

Maybe, just maybe there being an Afterlife or not, an Eternity or not, aren’t the questions we should ask. Is it more important to ask what we do with our life and how we experience life? There is a high price to pay if we disregard the world of the living and focus on the world of a life to come. Is the answer to live in the Now and experience its moments? Is there a need to STOP and live in the moment? Is there a need to make the most of today? Is there such a thing as an Eternal Now that includes a presence of being and living in the moment? Is there a Now of being so lost in an experience in a moment-in-time that time for that moment doesn’t exist? Is an Eternal Now a here-and-now moment pocket-of-time of being lost in the experiential depths of sacred sex, sacred love, intentional morality, our deeper emotions, and higher consciousness? Is a Now moment in time a carpe diem time? I endorse Ralph Waldo Emerson saying, “it is not length of life but degree of life.” The conditions of living have given me a certain wisdom that today is here and a tomorrow is never promised. In fact, isn’t every night we go to sleep a kind of death rehearsal and a not knowing if we will wake up the next morning?


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