Transcendence: Mind-Body

Mind-Body connections and interactions must be included in human evolutionary transitions, transformations, and transcendence. The Rene Descartes dualistic mind-body model is defunct. The Descartian Model stating, “therefore, it is certain that I, that is to say my mind, by which I am what I am, is entirely and truly distinct from my body, and may exist without it,” is undeniably invalid. Carl Jaspers recognized the mysterious transitional, transformational, and transcendental happenings between the psychic and the somatic. He understood that, “the mental abilities transcend the physiological; the molecular; the atomic and subatomic and so forth.” (1967)  At this point in time no one understands how mind comes from brain. What this boils down to is, our brain (neurology) is of matter and the mind (cognitive-emotive) is of psyche, and in many ways they interconnect and interface. Our brain that is part of our body (physical-matter-neurological) generates our thoughts, our emotions, and even the things we believe. And, those same thoughts, emotions, and beliefs can influence the bodily happenings.  I unequivocally state there truly are holistic psychosomatic mind-body interconnections that interact, and make for a mind-body that intermixes, is inseparable, and has the ability to cooperate.

Rene descartes

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