Transcendence: Consciousness

Human consciousness has ridden along on a 13.7 billion year journey of transportational changes with its evolutionary transitions, transformations, and transcendence. Cosmic-biological evolution has been on an extremely long journey of energy-matter quantumlization (atomic), and neurological cerebralization (neuronic) leading to humans having the ability to have a consciousness and awareness of ourselves. Quantumlization and cerebralization is an atomic and neuronic transactional process of brain enlargement (density) brain plasticity (interconnections), and brain elasticity (flexibility). Quantumlization and cerebralization have allowed our brain to evolve to ever higher levels of consciousness, awareness, comprehension, and acquiring useful knowledge (CACK Model). This evolution has included the Reptilian Brain (consciousness of survival), to a Mammalian Brain (consciousness of  emotions), and finally and outstandingly a Neocortex Brain (consciousness having increased cognitive capabilities).

Philosophers, psychologists, and neuroscientists continue to try to understand how an organic brain allows for a nonorganic consciousness of self-awareness. A consciousness having had evolutionary transitions, transformations, and transcendence at a self-level and a collective-level. Self-consciousness is a condition of Neocortex awareness, comprehension, and knowledge. Personal unconsciousness concerns our brain’s awareness,  comprehension, and knowledge that is preverbal, repressed, or suppressed. Collective unconsciousness is awareness, comprehension, and knowledge coming from human collective transgenerational inheritance. Collective unconsciousness entails billions of brains evolving over millions of years. Mallary asserted, “the power of collectivity  is incredible.” (2004) There are those who disagree, but I attest initially in utero there is an astonishing evolutionary  journey each one us plays out that involves a quantumlization and cerebralization process of ontogeny recapitulating  phylogeny. At birth the stage is set for a journey of transitional, transformational, and transcendental  phenomenal and noumenal changes, and if we choose too we can have a major say in saying yes to change.


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