Transcendence: Cosmos

Our Cosmos is intimately involved in a 13,700,000,000 year journey of ongoing evolutionary transitional, transformational, and transcendental changes. From the Big Bang onwards transitions, transformations, and transcendence have taken place. From the Big Bang henceforward there will be a massive transfer, translocation, and transportation of energy. Cosmic energy has undergone incalculable transportational changes over these 13.7 bya. Transportational energy-matter has had changes that are both transpatial (across space) and transtemporal (across time). The spatial and temporal aspects of energy-matter have endured countless transitions and transformations, and some have led to transcendental happenings. The Law of Conservation tells us that even with these massive changes energy has never been lost. In the Human Cosmological Space-Time Scale (next post), I illustrate a spatial and temporal time-line and date-line of changes that evolutionarily, against all odds, has led to us —–> homo sapiens.

cosmos transcendence

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