Transcendence: Reinterpretation

In my transvaluative reinterpretation of transcendence, I now view transcendence as a supranaturalistic proposition that is nonsupernatural. I agree with the acclaimed messenger Ralph Waldo Emerson who formulated a philosophy of Transcendentalism that rejected a diety, but at the same time saw a divinity (for me truths) within Nature. I agree with Smith who felt, “faith is reconciling ordinary people to their innate urge to find truth and transcendence.” (2003) It was the charismatic Joseph Campbell who saw mythology and religion as natural attempts to satisfy our higher meaning, existential, and/or transcendental needs. I argue supranaturalism can be that transcendent cogent principium varying from conventional standards if it embodies those epic events of living that pass beyond, rise above, extend within, and/or build on/upon including: 1.) our phenomenal sensorial experiences beyond the normal (PI), and 2.) our deeper noumenal intuitive experiences enhancing the normal (NI). Transcendent experiences are living the experience in the now by being present with the experience. Transcendent experiences embrace going deeper into an experience by living deeply, living fully, and living in the here-and-now. I assert that transcendental events and happenings can unquestionably be experienced in the deeper human needs of sacred sexuality, sacred love, intentional morality, experiencing all of our emotions, and the various levels of consciousness.

jospeh campbell


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