Transcendence: Supranaturalism

Paul Tillich is an illustrious messenger I make reference too several times in my narrative. He made a reinterpretation of the word transcendence by stating that the divine is part of the Ground of Our Being. I construe Tillich’s reinterpretation as changing from a pure supernaturalism to an interpretation that includes my use of the term supranaturalism. My goal has been to constitutionally adhere to a worldview, and to develop a paradigm that can help me better understand and get involved with my transcendental journey. A journey that includes a deeper inquiry and a vaster insight into the very nature of my Self<—>Spirit. I envision a transcendental journey that ideally, hopefully, and optimistically can give me increased knowledge of my supranatural potential. I visualize a supranatural journey having the capacity to build on/upon, extend within, become greater then, and enhance my birth-right natural potential. I maintain that supranaturalism surely has a convincing correlation, and an aphoristic involvement with epigenetic activation and energetic enhancement.

Paul Tillich

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