I developed Balanceology as a theory concerned with human beings, the cultures we live in, and the many ongoing changes that happen through transitions, transformations, and transcendental events. Whatever time a person lives in —–> is a changing time. Individually we all have to find a way to balance-out the many transitional, transformational, and transcendental changes that enter our life. I view the three forms of change (transition, transformation, and transcendence) as being applicable to personal evolution and cultural evolution. All three forms of change have something to do with the fluidity of our existence. They all concern transfiguration —> what is the status, function, level, or condition after a change has taken place? I point out and I reinforce the idea that transition, transformation, and transcendence are all involved in Nature, human nature, and our own nature. Change is a naturalistic process having permutational patterns and order that are unfolding, circling, unifying, conserving, and aim for balance. Change is a process that involves coming to terms with the many dualistic patterns and features in the natural and human worlds.

I maintain that transition, transformation, and transcendence all have to do with change, to transport, or to transfer to another status, function, level, or condition. A transition can lead to a transformation and some transformations can lead to something or someone to transcend. The arrow of time includes the never-ending evolutionary cyclic changes that happen in Nature through the alterations of transitioning, transforming, and transcending. Transitions, transformations, and transcendence are all intertwined within a continuation through the expansive ages of time. Paradoxically, sententiously, and somewhat counterintuitively I give credence to, and indicate in my posts that there is a major component to Nature and human nature where French novelist Alphonse Karr said, “plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose,“ or “the more things change, the more things stay the same.” That is, Nature’s patterns and order run a course that has those evolutionary stationary natural attributes of cyclicity, circling, unity, harmony, conservation, and balance that are ageless. In a typical life of any human, we seek natural patterns and order to help us manage the many changes that enter and sometimes invade our lives.




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