In my introspective state of mind I came to endorse the powerful concept of transcendence, and I deliberate and speculate on the various ways I can potentially transcend normality. After I made a transmutation from a super-natural worldview, my understanding of transcendence has dramatically evolved. I now view transcendence from a worldview that is nonsupernatural. I now regard transcendence from a presuppositional naturalistic worldview that allows for activating our supra-natural potential. In discerning transcendence with naturalistic tendencies and connotations it definitely involves our unique, innate, acroamatic need to find meaning, purpose, and truth. In the following posts, I will enunciate and expand on the concept of transcendence having a naturalistic foundation. I acknowledge the idea of transcendence in the prefixes epi (upon, on, above), and supra (upon/with, and switch-on). It was Aristotle who said to transcend is to go beyond certain categories. Immanuel Kant understood transcendence as going beyond one’s phenomenal experiences.  In the sense of going beyond status quo or the ordinary, my interpretation of a naturalistic worldview of transcendence is similar to transition and transformation but they are not the same:

1.) transition indicates that a change has taken place related to time,  place, or situation. Transition refers to a flux, passage, shift, or a passing on, 2.) transformation involves a change in function has taken place, or the actual condition of something has changed. Transformation includes an alteration, mutation, a transmogrification, or a metamorphosis has taken place, and 3.) transcend pertains to a change that is passing beyond, building on/upon, becoming greater then, extending within, rising above and in some cases is enhancing itself or oneself. Transcendence for me includes my newly minted concept of supranatural experiences that go beyond the normal (basic). Trans- cendence embraces dynamism, ascendancy, preeminence –> well-health and supra-health.


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