The Papacy


I give attention to the ancient institution of the Papacy. I highly recommend that serious-minded Roman Catholics, seriously examine the history of the Papacy. Since the 1930’s, with the initial commencement of international communication there has been a global spotlight on the Catholic Church and other churches. As such, the popes over the last 80-90 years are doing a better job of “behaving” themselves. However, if a person earnestly researches the popes of the past, it soon becomes an enlightening exercise in reading about the very human nature of the “holy fathers.” For example, in the year 955 a powerful Italian family basically purchased the Papacy for their 18 year son giving us the boy pope —> John XII.  Kind of reminds me of the Egyptian boy Pharoah Tutankhamum. There was a time period of the three lavish living French popes at Avignon. Research indicates there was a woman who pretended to be a man and became Pope Anglicus 855-857 (also referred to as Pope Joan). For a couple hundred years after “Pope Joan’s” reign, further popes were checked for male genitalia to make sure they were a male. Research tells us the Renaissance holy fathers —-> weren’t so holy. There has been an amazingly long history of conquering popes, brutal popes, promiscuous popes, and popes having many children —> and sometimes their children went on to become pope. Unbelievably, these popes where considered to be the successors to St. Peter, and the Vicar of Christ here on Earth. Researching the Papacy was a scary read, but it became a major aid in helping me end my relationship with the Catholic Church.



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