Gnosticism involves direct experiences and connection to truth(s). That is, aspects of an essence and presence of truths within Nature and within us. I wish to awaken myself to experiences that bring me closer and nearer to truths.  Truths experienced from Nature and my own nature are a movement towards one’s essence. I suggest that experiences of truths involve an experiential spiritual awakening! An awakening of the light, breath, energy, and essential knowing that lies within. Gnosticism concerns dispelling of ignorance and gaining of knowledge true to Nature’s rhythmic patterns, order, oneness, unity, energy, harmony, and balance. Gnostic heightened experiences may lead to some understanding of natural truth(s).

Hierophanic physical manifestations of the sacred had a major influence on me in my younger days. Hierophanics had a huge influence on polytheism, henotheism and monotheism. They are about objectification, inanimate symbols, and appearance. I attest that gnosticism involves the animation of experience. The subjectification and experience of truths is a gnosticistic concept. Where hierophany is more about the appearance of the way things “ought” to be, gosticism focuses on the direct experience and acceptance of what “is.” The hierophanics of appearance can easily become a reverential and doxological devotion to an object instead of a search for truth.


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