Hierophanic Objects

Hierophanic objectification is a materialistic way to connect with the sacred. It becomes one of appearance that appeals to sensorial perceptions: i. e. see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Objectification by definition concerns iconophilia objects (icons of proof). I hypothesize that objectification involves an idolatry of artifacts needing validation and proof to deal with faith insecurity.

Hierophanic objects include rosaries, fictive Spear of Destiny, burning bushes, sacred crosses, holy doors, a true  cross, crown of thrones, the titulus crucis, shroud of Turin, the suarium, Ark of the Covenant, sacred blood, burning candles, chalices, Star of David, Ash Wednesday, consecrated bread, King Solomon’s ring, angel coins, Black Stone, Buddha tooth, wailing wall, holy rocks, holy garments, prayer cloths, idolization of statues, crucifixion nails, Dome of the Rock, Tomb of Jesus, churches, mosques, synagogues, sanctuaries, and sacred places.

Hierphonic objects

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