Hierophany is from the Greek hieros (sacred or holy sign) plus phano (show or appear). Hierophany entails a need to have an appearance of the sacred —> a physical manifestation of the sacred. If you must, an apparitional proof of the sacred. In most cases this is a material proof. Hierophany is a need for a Proof of Heaven (2012) —-> the book title by Eben Alexander. Hierophany of proof is an ersatz (imitation) of appearance instead of an actual experience. It involves proving the existence of Jesus, Abraham, Mohammed, or Moses. Early Christians, in their need for a proof of Christ’s divinity created the Resurrection. This misfortunate invention turned an iconic messenger into a zombie —> a walking dead divinity. For Hitchens, “religion arouses suspicion by trying to prove too much.” (2007) Proselytizing is a proof of one’s religion, and the more converts to my religion is proof God is on my/our side. In the final analysis, hierophanistic proofs of the divine are indicative of one’s insecurity of faith. For I ask, “If one’s faith is so secure why the need for proof?” Hierophany includes a ubiquitous, hyberbolic, and sacrilegious symbolism. I suggest these proofs are merely tangible symbols of shakeable beliefs. Hierophany is a spiritual simulacra eidolon (image, idol, or apparatus) as an embroidery emulation of the sacred. Eidolon is an attempt to find sacred images in objects, and as such becomes one that involves objectification.


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