Theocentricity is a world dependent on a God —> a God-centered world. Theocentricity is being encapsulated in a religio-tribalistic supernatural spiritual world where a superbeing takes a centrality in our life. Theocentricity is a world of vox dei, or listening to the voice of a God and is the opposite of democracy. Omnicentricity is a world centered on a deep-seated search for Truth —-> interacting, experiencing, and connecting with truths and Truth. Omnicentricity involves an inner supranaturalistic spiritual search within/upon a world that is evolving and unfolding. It views humans as having the potential to self-evolve and to enhance ourselves (epigenetic and energetic connotations).  Omnicentricity is a world of vox populi, or the voice of the people and encourages democracy.

 Is it time for an apostasy of theocentricity? Is it time for a deracination, renunciation, and an abandonment of this cruel concept? Is it time to reject this extremely divisive and confusing term called God. I announce it is time for the deicide of this bewildering man-made God. The time has come for a displacement of that supernatural deity, and the adoption of a supranatural concept like Omni (or a precept you think appropriate). Theism is a supernatural external deification of a supernatural being. It is an unhealthy view that separates humans from the natural world and from other humans. Theism is the divisiveness that comes from My God and Our God.  Theism pertains to religification –> religious by way of the supernatural. Omnism pertains to gaining knowledge by way of a supranatural search to discover, experience, and connect with aspects of truths and Omni-Truth.


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