Panentheism sees God as immanent (here and now) but also transcendent (going beyond). Panentheism = pan (all) + en (in) + theism (God);  i. e. all-in-God. Borg said, “God is the encompassing Spirit, we (and everything that is) are in God. God is not a supernatural being from the universe, rather God (The Sacred Spirit)  is a  non material layer or dimension of reality around us.” (1998) John Macquarrie interpreted panentheism as dialectical theism, “where God is both here-and-now, but also transcends here-and-now.” (1984) David Griffin calls panentheism “naturalistic theism.” (2000) Panentheism takes a view of God as being in all things, but not exactly the same and not totally separate. Panentheism has God having an interpenetrative nature by being present in the natural world, but also extending beyond the natural world.  

In my reference to the existence of Ultimate Truth, I enthusiastically give support to the theistic concept of pantheism (immanence). However, the concept of panentheism (going beyond) is one I can’t relate to. It is not possible for me to accept the idea that truths and Truth lies beyond us. For me, beyond is not the right view. Instead, I have a supranaturalistic view where we can build upon/with nature, and in the process have a better understanding of Nature, human nature, and our own nature. In this process it is possible to experience and know something of truths and Truth in the here-and-now. I consider the sidebar quote by Ludwig Feuerback as one that endorses pantheism.


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